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We teach people to transform into their strongest selves—when they need to the most.

We partner with local community groups in the greater Los Angeles area to provide practical self-defense and awareness training for community members of all ages. The high caliber of our instructors enable us to tailor each training session to meet your community’s needs. No prior experience in self-defense is necessary to attend our training—just an open mind, a humble spirit, and a willingness to learn.

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Our approach

We offer a combination of situational training with an emphasis on practical techniques that are effective in real-life situations. Our classes are small in size (usually between 15 - 25 people), which enables us to offer a highly interactive learning experience where attendees can ask questions and join in discussions.

Some of the trainings we offer:

We encourage our attendees to actively join in, contribute their own experiences, and challenge one another to ask practical questions and find real answers. We find this interactive style of group learning to be highly effective in learning not only physical responses to violence, but also learning ways to foresee potential violence and avoid it if possible.


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