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We provide self-defense training to communities in the greater Los Angeles area.

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We see a future where violence is met with empowered strength.

Harmony Aikido Foundation takes a preventative approach against violence by equipping individuals to defend themselves and their loved ones against physical attacks. We partner with local community groups to provide high-quality self-defense and awareness training to community members of all ages.

Organizations we have partnered with to offer self-defense training:

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"You Are Powerful" painting of female Aikidoist in impressionist style

You Are Powerful

We are proud to stand with women as they defend themselves against acts of violence. Our campaign mission is to provide all-inclusive self-defense training to one thousand women and girls.

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women and girls taught

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We have the expertise.

Our instructors are veterans in teaching self-defense. The high caliber of their expertise enables Harmony Aikido Foundation to tailor our self-defense training sessions to participants’ specific skill levels and needs. Learn more

Some of the trainings we offer

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Your support is meaningful.

Help us continue our work in meeting the need for transformational self-defense training in local communities. Your donation will also help cover our operation costs as a nonprofit organization that empowers communities to stand up to violence.

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Community programs

We partner with local organizations in providing self-defense workshop to communities. Our goal is to increase our participants’ situational awareness and give them the ability to react safely in response to dangerous situations—or to prevent them from occurring in the first place. No previous training is necessary, just a willingness to learn.

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“Harmony Aikido Foundation (HAF) participated in our Sisters Empowerment and did an absolutely amazing job. The young girls enjoyed themselves so much—you could tell by how engaged they were in the different activities. Not only was the HAF crew hands on with showing them some moves, they also taught the girls some valuable lessons when it comes to being aware and using their voices. These girls were taught something they can take into their daily lives and we are extremely grateful!”

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